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This is the official information website of the Scottish Youth Football Association Limited (SYFA) the national governing body of youth football in Scotland. We are responsible for EVERYDAY, RECREATIONAL, GRASSROOTS football from Orkney to Edinburgh from Peterhead to Lockerbie and cover age groups up to and including 21's.

The SYFA have two websites http://www.scottishyouthfa.co.uk/ is this information website and https://www.syfaregistrations.co.uk/ is the Registrations Website to register Clubs, Players, Tournaments, Friendlies, Leagues etc. 

The Scottish Youth FA mission is:

Leading the way and modernising our approach to guarantee the continued growth of grassroots football
Encouraging all boys and girls throughout Scotland to play organised football and enabling every child to develop and flourish as a player.
SYFA is helping all SYFA volunteers to create a safe and fun environment while developing and supporting all players.

The Scottish Youth FA vision is:

To increase the number of children and young adults playing organised, quality football throughout Scotland.  

New SYFA Registration System Update

SYFA clubs and teams can now register at https://www.scottishfalive.co.uk/syfa

Click here for the presentation for Club Registrations

Click Here for the presentation for Team Registrations. Please make sure the overall Club have completed their Membership before you do the Team Registration as you will not get in otherwise.

We seem to be having a problem at the moment with officials details. If you are trying to complete your team membership and cannot complete it as there is an error coming up saying ‘Unable to find Contact Details’ or ‘Not all roles are filled’ please do the following as this is the fix: https://www.facebook.com/ScottishYouthFA/photos/pcb.750156808508061/750156528508089/?type=3&theater

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