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This is the official home of the Scottish Youth Football Association Limited (SYFA) the national governing body of youth football in Scotland. We are responsible for EVERYDAY, RECREATIONAL, GRASSROOTS football from Orkney to Edinburgh from Peterhead to Lockerbie and cover age groups up to and including 21's.

Have a browse through our website to get a flavour of what is happening in Youth Football today and tomorrow in Scotland.

The Scottish Youth FA mission is:

Leading the way and modernising our approach to guarantee the continued growth of grassroots football

Encouraging all boys and girls throughout Scotland to play organised football and enabling every child to develop and flourish as a player.

SYFA is helping all SYFA volunteers to create a safe and fun environment while developing and supporting all players.

The Scottish Youth FA vision is:

To increase the number of children and young adults playing organised, quality football throughout Scotland.

Latest News


SYFA Registrations Internet Explorer Problems

The SYFA IT department have been looking into the problems experienced by our clubs over the last few days logging in using Internet Explorer with versions 9 and previous. Internet Explorer have updated there systems and these are no longer compatible with the SYFA Registrations system. SYFA recommend using Mozilla Firefox which is a free browser and has been proven to work well with the SYFA systems: https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/new/

SYFA Reg Email Address Change

The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address will be deleted from 1st July 2015. For Club and League queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and for Player and Tournament queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For full SYFA contact details please click here

Scottish Cup and Lady Darling Dates 2015/16

Please click here to see the Scottish Cup and Lady Darling dates for 2015/16. 

Playing It Safe Glasgow

Please click here for the application form for Playing It Safe Glasgow. 

Age Groups

Please click here to see the Age Groups for 2015/16.

First Aid 

Please click here to go to the First Aid Page which has all details of First Aid Courses including the List of Recognised Suppliers and the SFP reduced cost £20.00 courses.

Potential Volunteers Survey

SYFA have created a Potential Volunteers Survey to gain feedback in regards to volunteering and achieve our key aims. Please click here for more information.

Small Sided Second Team Registration Form

Please click here to view the SSG Second Team Registration Form 


Playing It Safe Newsletter


Playing It Safe March 2015 edition now available! The Playing It Safe newsletter is SYFA's Protection newsletter which includes news about PVG, Protection Policies, First Aid and Welfare and more.

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Registrations Website

registrations website

Click here to visit the SYFA Registrations website. The Registrations website is used to Register / re-register your football club, Register / re-register your football league, Register / re-register a new tournament, Register / re-register your community football club and much more.

Kickabout Newsletter

kickabout may 2015

Kickabout May Scottish Cup Finals Results edition is now available! The Trans World Soccer Scottish Youth FA Cup took place on 3, 10 and 17 May 2015. Seven great games were played over these three days and in this newsletter we bring you the results plus other news in grassroots football. The Kickabout Newsletter is the SYFA information newsletter, it is sent out four times a year and will keep you up to date with all SYFA news.

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Login - Directors Only

This is the new SYFA Noticeboard with all our latest adverts for players/coaches wanted etc. Please click here

To view the SYFA Gallery with all the latest photographs please click here

sfa coaching courses
Please click here to view our SFA Coaching Courses page where you can find national and local brochures of the Coaching Courses.

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  • craig halkett
    Craig Halkett Photography are based in Airdrie, Craig is a professional photographer who has been working with the SYFA for some years. Craig is the SYFA photographer for the Trans World Soccer Scottish Youth FA Cup among many other things. Click here to view his website.
  • sportguard

    Sportsguard are an official partner of the Scottish Youth FA. Sportsguard have launched their brand new website that allows our members to access discounted travel insurance for trips outside of the UK, this can be on a per person basis or as a group for a bigger discount. Please click here to find out more.
  • euro-sportring

    Every year Euro-Sportring organizes more than 130 youth and senior tournaments all over Europe. International tournaments are organized on many levels in countries like England, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, France and the Czech Republic. During these tournaments around 8000 teams from more than 30 countries participate every year. We offer tournaments to fit every budget so please visit our website: http://www.euro-sportring.com/en/about-us/about-euro-sportring
  • joma-logo

    Joma Sport are a company with a fantastic football heritage of over 40 years and are delighted to be supporting the SYFA. Our business model is aimed at the grassroots of the game and this is a brilliant opportunity to show our support. http://www.joma-sport.com/en

  • team-wear-scotland

    Total Teamware Limited (TTL) is a Scottish based team wear specialist and the largest Joma Sport licensed supplier in the country. They supply both at SPL level with St Johnstone FC and grassroots level with many clubs already buying Joma from TTL. http://www.teamwearscotland.com

  • positive coaching

    Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS)  is a cultural change programme designed to create a positive environment for young people in sport, by teaching them to: appreciate the value of effort and learning; improve personal performance; foster a competitive, but fair, sporting mentality and deal positively with mistakes.
  • club website advert

    The Scottish Youth Football Association is a proud partner of Club Website, the UK’s leading grassroots football social network. This partnership is central to the SYFA’s ongoing support for football in Scotland and enables all affiliated leagues and clubs to host their very own website completely free of charge.

  • domaindesignagency

    Domain Design Agency is our main source for web design and development. Please click here to visit their website.