Protection/PVG/Playing It Safe

This is our page for all matters involving Protection.

Protection Policies, PVG Information, Playing It Safe and all other documents regarding Protection please click here and go to our Protection Policy section.

PVG Advice and Guidelines

Please remember you must be a Registered Official with an SYFA Club first before you can be PVG Checked, if we receive a PVG form and you are not a registered official on the SYFA Registrations Website we cannot process your form. If you have sent any PVG's into ourselves and there is unregistered officials, go online to the SYFA Registrations Website and add them as officials to your club.


SYFA only ask for 1 PVG to be done through SYFA, we need this PVG done through SYFA because you must complete a PVG Check for any organisation where you are a member and who work with children. If you have already completed a PVG Check through any other organisation you MUST complete an Existing PVG Application Check for SYFA.

The problem we have where people are being asked to do more than one PVG form is that they are getting the PVG done through the CLUB or another organisation and not through SYFA. The SYFA PVG covers the official to move to any other SYFA club as many times as they want as the SYFA PVG is for the official individually not the club.

Please contact your League Secretary or League Match Secretary to find out when the next PVG night will be.


SYFA PVG Flowchart which explains the SYFA PVG Process.

PVG Flowchart

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SYFA Online Protection Training

The SYFA have an Online Protection Training Course in conjunction with NSPCC which will be launched at the end of March 2017. This will allow club officials to complete a Protection Training Course free of charge in any area, you just need a computer and internet access. More information coming soon. 


It is Everybody's Job to Protect Children!

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Fearless is the youth service form Crimestopers. Young people can get non-judgemental information about a number of different crimes on the site. We are also the only charity in the uk that allows young peole to give us information about crime completely anonymously.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP)


The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre are dedicated to eradicating the sexual abuse of children. That means they are part of UK policing and very much about tracking and bringing offenders to account either directly or in partnership with local and international forces.

Please click here to go to the CEOP website

Click here to view the CEOP Youtube Page.